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All dive centers are structured to provide you with the appropriate course whether you are a beginner or already experienced. A couple of criteria must be taken into account though:

- The length of your stay
- The type of dive course
A beginner’s course will usually only require a few days training whereas the upper courses may require more time before certification. It is important to take these points into account while organizing your trip.

What kind of courses?

All French recreational courses in Tahiti and her islands have a European (CEDIP) or worldwide (CMAS) equivalence. Most dive centers also offer PADI, NAUI or SSI dive courses.

How to followa dive course while visiting several islands?

It is easy! Some dive centers have branches in several of the Tuamotu or Society islands. Other independent operations work together to allow you to follow your course throughout your trip.

What do you need for your course?

Your enthusiasm first! But you will also need a medical certificate from a sports or hyperbaric specialized doctor stating that you do not have any physical or medical complications to restrict scuba diving. If you arrive without a medical certificate there are specialized medical practitioners in Tahiti and Moorea that would provide you with one.

Technical courses

More and more dive shops offer Nitrox diving and courses. Some of them also give you the opportunity, depending on your experience and certification level, to discover a more technical way of diving, such as Trimix or rebreather diving.

Dive centers

All dive centers are fully equipped and understand French and English. Some of them also understand Italian, Spanish, German and Japanese. Don’t bother traveling with your own gear. The dive centers will have all the necessary gear for you, usually at no extra cost. However, it is recommended that you bring your own personal dive computer.


You may discover a different way of diving in the Society Islands, departing Raiatea, or in the Tuamotu. Join a perfectly fully equipped catamaran, designed for diving. Leisurely sit on the ship’s deck at sunset, you can discuss the spots visited and schedule the dives for the following day.

Private dives

Most dive shops will offer you the opportunity to have a « private » service. Thus, a boat and an instructor will be at your sole service during your dives.

Diving with children

From the age of 8, children have the opportunity to scuba dive during an introductory dive. All dive centers provide this service. Some of them even have acquired specific gear and material for them (tank, BCD, boat, specific course and specialized instructor) while choosing appropriate sites for children.