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Polynesian Art

Polynesian art

The Heiva Rima’i emphasizes the hand-crafted creativity of French Polynesia in all its diversity. For its 28th edition, over 100 exhibitors will gather together around the theme of utuafare ma’ohi, the Polynesian hearth. All the Polynesian know-how will be on display: wood, rock or bone sculptures, jewels, tifaifai, weaving, wickerwork, couture… these few weeks will allow each and everyone to discover how rich and fine the displayed are and how much they are representative of all the archipelagoes. As a matter of fact, a day will be devoted to each one of them; an opportunity for each handcrafter from outer islands to showcase their specialties: the wickerwork in the Australes, weaving and sculpture in the Gambier, the working on shells in the Tuamotu, sculpture in the Marquesas.


All contests organized for this edition will focus on the making of a pouffe using patchwork fabrics, a basket made out of pae ore decorated with shells and a basket used for traditional costumes.  Creators are to make their items on-site so that visitors may be present at each step of its making and appreciate the skillfulness and techniques. Activities, demonstrations and food samplings will also be organized daily; the making of handcrafting objects, advice on horticulture, massage demonstrations, etc.