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A new brand campaign for The Islands of Tahiti

Following the rebranding and new positioning of the destination, Tahiti Tourisme is now launching its new campaign around the world to reinforce the iconic beauty of The Islands of Tahiti while focusing on the rich and unique Tahitian Culture.

As a life force and spirit that connects all the living things, “Mana” will be at the center of this campaign, thus bringing a new authenticity to the brand and appealing to Tahiti’s “Discerning Explorers”, core target audience who want to experience a deeper, real connection and are willing to travel further of it.

“’Embraced by Mana” beautifully illustrates the inherent duality of the The Islands of Tahiti as a destination of world-class, iconic beauty and diverse, cultural discovery,” said Tahiti Tourisme CEO Paul Sloan.  “With the new visual brand identity we introduced in 2014, and now a strategic global approach to tell our story, French Polynesia is well-positioned to capture more of the U.S. visitor market and increase our share of global tourism to the South Pacific.”