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Yacht transport to Tahiti

The South Florida based company DYT Yacht Transport has always been dedicated to bringing more yachts into the Pacific. After a two-year break, the company has added Tahiti again to its route. Departing from the busy Caribbean through the Panama Canal, then Costa Rica, the Yacht Express will be in Papeete, Tahiti end of December before carrying on to Brisbane and Auckland then heading back to Costa Rica, Port Everglades in Florida and Palma de Mallorca, Spain in mid / late March 2015.

This sailing will be utilizing the float-on, float-off loading method on board DYT’s semi-submersible yacht carrier.

This annual schedule is clearly an ideal opportunity for the Islands of Tahiti to attract more yachts, which owners wouldn’t have considered taking further afield than the Caribbean and the coast of South Florida.

For any additional information, please contact Laura Tempest at at her Fort Lauderdale office.