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Heiva i Tahiti, a major yearly cultural event

Originally named “Tiurai” (meaning “July”), then “Heiva” (“Feast”) from 1981, the event was an instant success! It is the oldest cultural festival in Oceania offering Polynesian dance and singing contests. With an estimated audience of over 30,000 people (made up of overseas visitors, locals and hundreds of performing artists) Heiva I Tahiti draws both on stage and in the stands with fans looking forward to taking part in this intense cultural moment sharing good spirit and the gift of self. 

For 10 nights in a row, the best dancers, singers and musicians of French Polynesia performed on stage, wearing the nicest costumes, all hand-made after months of preparation and rehearsals, and gave the best of themselves.

The main events were organized in Papeete on the main island of Tahiti at Place To’ata. Bora Bora also hosted a beautiful “Heiva” in Vaitape, the main town.

If you are planning to be in the area at this period of the year, you should certainly not miss the opportunity of taking part in one of the most genuine and friendly events of the Polynesian triangle.

This year, Heiva I Tahiti  took place from 2nd to 18th July where 17 dance troops and 23 Tahitian choirs were present with their own musicians.

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