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Inauguration of new marina developments in downtown Papeete

The new marina developments in downtown Papeete were inaugurated at the end of April. For the past few years, the Port Authority of Papeete actively worked on increasing the capacity in number of boats, including superyachts, with well-adapted, modern infrastructures (water, electricity, used water, security). This is part of a global urban project in the capital city and it has been built in compliance with the ISPS code.

The 7ac (3ha) marina features a dedicated area of 200 meters for superyachts. The marina is going to welcome up to 80 boats, from small sailing boats to superyachts. Up to now, yachts were berthed on the same docks as cruiseships while in town. This space is additional to Marina Taina located close to the International airport a few kms away from Papeete. Marina Taina can host up to 20 yachts from 24m to 60m.

A 1km public landscaped promenade along the waterfront will welcome joggers, bikers and pedestrians between the ferry dock to the Paofai park. The second part of the project is the set up of a 250m long fish pond with tropical fish between the promenade and the water. The Port Authority has been working in close coordination with the Marine Island Research Center and Environment Observatory (CRIOBE) which marine biologists are based on the nearby island of Moorea. 

This project is only a first step within a broader urbanization development plan also involving more infrastructures for superyachts in the future.