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Unique encounters with the ocean’s giants

Every year, majestic humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) come to The Islands of Tahiti after a very long, hazardous journey from the Antarctic where they spent the Austral Summer.

They settle close to the shores of the islands, sheltered. These amazing 40-ton marine mammals visit the area looking for a mate or to give birth, enjoying the warm, clear tropical waters.

They start arriving every year late June – early July and depart in November. French Polynesia officially became a sanctuary for whales and dolphins in 2002 and these species have been protected since. Whale and dolphin watching is strictly regulated and the word is spreading among the Superyacht industry that The Islands of Tahiti are the perfect place to safely discover them. More and more Superyacht guests are given the incredible opportunity to encounter them and, when conditions allow, to snorkel with them.

Sharing moments in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean with these giants is simply incredible and pure bliss – a unique experience in a truly special place, far from it all, surrounded by pristine nature and high rugged mountain peaks. It is not rare to be greeted in the water by a young calf coming to the surface to breathe while the mother is resting deeper.

The calf is likely to come to you out of curiosity and gently pass by. You may also witness a beautiful ballet of whales, breaching, diving and socializing as a group. Meanwhile, you will hear the singing of a male letting everyone know in the area that he is here and available to find a mate.

It is recommended to use a local licensed operator to make the most of the encounter and to ensure that the rules to approach the whales are followed properly in order to respect them. Superyacht guests usually encounter the migrating humpbacks in the Society Islands, especially around Moorea and the Tahiti Peninsula and the highest activity of the season is usually from mid-August through the end of October.


copyright photo : L.Pozzoli

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