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What they say about The Islands of Tahiti …

Angus ‘Biff’ Biffin 30, from Sydney, Australia is captain on the 50m Perini Navi sailing yacht ‘Silencio’ and is sharing his impressions of The Islands of Tahiti with us today.

Q: You have been based in French Polynesia onboard S/Y Silencio since June and have cruised our islands extensively. What is your overall impression?

Silencio has cruised three of French Polynesia’s island groups this season, the Marquesas, Tuamotu and Society, each being completely unique in their own right. The difference in volcanic ageing between the groups creates diverse cruising grounds, anchorages, coral structures and ultimately incredible underwater wildlife. We have been lucky enough to work and play in this liquid playground for three months and to tell you the truth it is going to be very hard to leave!

Q: How would you rate the services provided by the local professionals compared with what you experienced in other destinations?

Industry professionals, suppliers and operators here are definitely at the same level if not better than what you might expect to find in the Caribbean and Europe. We have been able to provide our guests with the best locally sourced and imported products and when it comes to repairs and spares there are a number of good contractors and chandlers.  If something cannot be sourced in Tahiti we import it from New Zealand or Australia with the help of our local agent.

Q: What did your owner and charter guests enjoy the most during their stay in the Islands of Tahiti?

I think that cruising The Islands of Tahiti has given our guests a first hand experience of how powerful and overwhelmingly rich in life the ocean can be. We took some guests to Teahupoo for the Billabong Pro in August just to witness the power of the wave there. This literally blew their mind! We have had our guests snorkeling with whales, diving with dolphins and sharks and swimming with stingrays. Polynesian culture and lifestyle have also had a big influence on our charters, with tours to pearl and vanilla farms always a favorite. We have had days on private motu  (islets) where traditional meals and dance not only allow our guests to experience Tahitian lifestyle first hand, but also gives them a chance to meet the locals.

Q: According to you, what would you say makes Tahiti a one of a kind destination for superyachts?

A great gift French Polynesia has for Superyachts is the fantastic deep water passes to enter the tranquil waters of the surrounding lagoons. Every night’s sleep is as if you were at the dock because of this freak of geology. There are other islands in the world that have this feature, but they are few and far between, whereas here, they are all within an overnight sail of each other.

Q:If you had to choose one word to describe our destination, which one would it be?




copyright photo: S/Y Silencio

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