Tahiti never fails to surprise the tourists with its beauty and the availably of quality resorts where one can spend the entire holidays relaxing. You can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, and surfing while also enjoying fine beverages under a coconut tree. But if you want to do more, here are the ten things you can try out.

La Plage de Maui

The major reason why Tahiti is popular among tourists is because of its far stretched shoreline sand. While many beaches have the volcanic black hue, beaches like La Plage de Maui boasts pearly white sand. Travellers say the beach is unbelievably clean, but you will have to book a flight to find out for yourself.

Fautaua Waterfall


If you are visiting Tahiti during the rainy season, you will be lucky enough to experience the Fautaua Waterfall. The rainwater makes this waterfall even more dramatic. You can enjoy this great view after a hike through the Fautaua Valley.

Papenoo Beach

This beach is a reminder of the volcanic history of Tahiti. The Papenoo beach features black sand that goes under the clear blue waters of the South Pacific. Unlike the other beaches, this beach does not see much tourists and can be a great location to find peace.

Plage du Taharuu

Taharuu beach is located on the southern coast in Paparo and is also known for its black volcanic sands. The palm trees on the beach give it the looks that attract tourists during holidays. The locals also like to come here once in a while to enjoy the perfect swimming conditions, while the surfers do what they are best at.


Papeete is the capital city of Tahiti. It covers almost the entire northwest coast and has a good nightlife to provide entertainment to the tourists. You can shop for black pearls and island crafts while you are staying here. You can also try out delicious food and fresh vegetables in the market.


Moorea is the sister island of Tahiti and is popular for the Magic Mountain which is covered with lush foliage. It is a perfect destination for hiking and provides a beautiful panoramic view from the top. There are also several beaches on Moorea, including the famous Temae Beach on the north coast.

Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands

Musee de Tahiti et des Iles is a museum created to educate the visitors about the beauty of this place. The museum has four different sections which speak exhibits the geographical beauty, natural history, pre-European culture, effects of colonization, and the natural worders.

Faarumai Waterfalls

This massive pool of water supplied by a milky waterfall is a perfect destination to chill after a short hike through the forest. There are three different cascades to enjoy while you hike to this destination. The visitors say that the falls are easy to access and are beautiful, so you can plan a trip to this place with your family as well.